The Grande Prairie Tennis Club is the proud owner of a ball machine.

To access the ball machine you must have a current membership to the Grande Prairie Tennis Club before you can register. Registration for the ball machine is $20 for the season and can be paid online by clicking here.

To Access the Ball Machine you MUST:
  • pay the $20 registration fee
  • attend an informative session on operating and caring for the machine
  • check in before using with the current ball machine organizer
  • document your name; date; check in / check out times

Ball Machine Rules:

  • MUST be operated by an adult only (18 years or older).
  • MUST use only “WILSON TRINITI” balls with this machine. These are less fuzzy and prevent clogging machine.
  • MUST have close supervision if using with a child or children. Do not leave unattended.
  • MUST be promptly put away if players are waiting to play.
  • MUST collect ALL specific ball machine balls and put machine away immediately after use. Do not leave machine unattended and move to another court to play.
  • MUST immediately put machine away if it starts raining.
  • MUST plug machine into outlet inside shed after use.

Once registered there is an information/training session that must be undertaken.  The session will ensure that the machine is operated correctly and guidelines are abided by.  You will be sent instructions on how to set up your training session once payment has been received.

When training is completed you will be given access to unlock Shed #1 where the machine which is safely secured.Please use the ball machine only if no one else is waiting to play on the courts.

For more information please call Ronila at (780) 380-7499, email us at or consult the Operating Manual.


Shed #1:
Contains operational equipment such as progressive training & practice balls, hoppers, beginner nets, administrative and event supplies,  fridge, and ball machine.

Access to Shed #1 is by key and only granted:

  • if you are an executive member or director.
  • if you are a tennis instructor.
  • if you are a paid member who has registered to use the ball machine along with participating in the operational and care session.

PLEASE NOTE: Shed #1 will close and lock automatically. There is a yellow rope placed there to use to keep this door open when needed. Please do not remove this rope or use a bungy cord instead. This was intentional to keep minimum tension on this specific door.

Shed #2:
Everyone will have access to this shed. This is entered by a combination lock which will be the same code used to enter the courts.

This shed will contain a water cooler for your use to refill your water bottle when necessary. Please bring your own water to club and use this only for refill.

It also contains sponge rollers to soak up the courts after a rain fall and a BBQ for events

Note: Please be respectful and leave things as you found them. Clean up after yourselves and help to keep the club tidy and safe for everyone’s enjoyment.